Top 3 Life Changing Scrubs Episodes

My wife and I just finished watching a marathon multi-week session of all the Scrubs episodes on Netflix instant play. I always loved the show and it was really cool to watch them in order. It’s crazy how so much of the show reflects things in my own life. Because of this, I compiled my top 3 life-changing episodes for you…

1. My Musical (season 6, episode 6). I hate musical episodes on tv shows. They all seem to want to do it and it’s so completely idiotic it makes me want to strangle the writers. This one though had some really cool songs. I never thought I would enjoy a song called “Guy Love”, but I did. I recently found a friend in Ryan McRae that made me feel like I finally had a dude relationship like Turk and JD, a real bromance. (I think I’m the Turk and he’s JD). There’s also a really cool song called “Everything Comes Down to Poo” that is quite informative.

2. My Coffee (season 6, episode 3). It’s a coffee-centric episode. How could I not love it?

3. My Perspective (episode 9, season 6). This one forever changed how I complete my bathroom stops. It’s true that humans are the only animals that stay dressed for two-zies. I just don’t pass out like JD does.

As you can see, season 6 rocked! My only sadness about the series as a whole was the mysterious last season at the med school. It sucked. They ended the regular show in such an awesome way, it was a travesty to continue it in such a sad, sad way.

For more Scrubs…

Scrubs: The Complete Collection"".



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