Screw It Up Enough and You Lose the Ability to Decide

It’s true, if you screw something up enough, you’ll lose the ability to make decisions for yourself. Let me explain. Free will and the ability to govern many parts of our lives are one of the basic freedoms in life. Given that, we often squander everything we have and lose choices and options regularly available to us.

Let’s say you have a _____ problem that’s affecting your health. If you refuse to do anything about it and it keeps getting worse, you lose your options. Your doctor might make decisions for you in an emergency room followed up by more decisions by a primary care physician. Instead of making small choices in life that could have amazing effects like exercising 30 minutes a day, eating sensible, and drinking more water it now becomes take these pills that cost $4 a day, take this medicine by poking a needle into your belly, go to therapy, and start this really tasteless new diet. You gave up all your choices and handed them over to your doctor.

Let’s say you have a _____ problem that affecting your relationships. You might not be able to keep up physically with your kids or family and so they just move on and start doing more and more without you. It might ruin your sex life with your spouse and make him or her more susceptible to temptation and the urge to look elsewhere for satisfaction of those needs. Because you don’t face the problem, you’ve just given up those choices and possibly your family in the process. Eventually they’ll make choices without you and around you.

Sometimes there are problems where you try to ignore things, pretend they don’t exist, refuse to seek help, and refuse to change. It never works out well that way. If you’re not careful, you end up giving away all of your decision-making abilities until there’s nothing left of you. You’re nothing but a bundle of emergency repairs made by doctors, therapists, and counselors who have no vested interest in your life unless you’re paying their bills.

Why don’t you take a look at your life today and see what you need to make a decision about? Are you overweight? Is your business failing? Is it an addiction- drugs, alcohol, gambling, or porn? What can you decide today before a banker, a tax agent, the police, or an ER doc has to intervene? What can you do differently before your family makes a last ditch effort to show their love through an intervention?

Please, please, please do it today! It’s not too late right now, but it might be tomorrow.



One thought on “Screw It Up Enough and You Lose the Ability to Decide

  1. David – this is a big deal. I see most folks who just do NOT make decisions. They were told what to do by parents, teachers and now employers. Making big life decisions for their betterment is just foreign. Great message brother.

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