CafeFit Coffee Review

One of my favorite aspects of being a coffee expert is the fact that I never have to buy coffee, and I have the opportunity to sample pretty much everything related to the bean. CafeFit, out of Ft. Lauderdale, recently sent me a sample pack of several of their blends to check out. I have to admit I was a little bit hesitant. I’ve tried several diet and purpose-driven (drink it and it’ll do this) blends of coffee in the past and most them are really nasty. This one was just the opposite.

CafeFit sent me their…

Diet Blend, which promises to curb your appetite, burn fat, and increase energy. It uses several extra herbs to expand the natural thermogenic factors found in caffeine. I only drank the Diet Blend long enough to try it out mainly for taste and quality, so I can’t answer for the diet effects. It tasted great. There’s no hint on the packaging regarding the origin of the beans, but with the company’s Florida location, I’m guessing South American, probably Columbian. For the diet effects I wouldn’t mind rolling this into my regular routine so that it comes into line with my food and supplement intake in a more monitored fashion. 

Focus Pure Blend, which promises to increase focus and productivity. Now, this one I only drank at night when I was most tired and unfocused but still in need of finishing major projects for the next workday. It really did seem to make a difference. Like other brain function expanding herbs and drinks I’ve tried, it seemed to clear up my processing ability and sharpen my focus on detailed tasks. An extra dose of Vitamin B-12 is the main neural enhancing ingredient added to the blend.

and the…

Organic Mushroom Blend, which detoxifies, invigorates, and energizes. I hate mushrooms, or at least I hate eating them. It’s a texture thing. Even before watching Dr. Lecter eat brains in the movie Hannibal I always thought mushrooms  felt like brains in my mouth. Ground up in a coffee blend I can handle. I can even handle 14 different types of mushrooms, which is what CafeFit uses in this blend. When I tried the first mug I expected a certain amount of mushroom taste or earthiness to infuse into the coffee. It did but in a good way. The mushroominess enhanced the natural coffee flavors. The detoxifying effect also delivered as promised. I always allow some of my fellow coffee aficionados to help try out the samples I review in order to give me a second opinion. One of my friends told me that his, how shall we put this, gaseous emissions increased greatly with the Organic Mushroom Blend. I know, too much information, but where did you think the toxins went? It’s instant proof that it’s working.

In my expert opinion, I would rate CafeFit coffee as the best in the category of healthy, diet, herbal, purpose-driven, fortified coffees that I’ve tried thus far. If you decide to try them out, check out their club membership option. Like any nutritional supplements, the coffees would be best used as a regular planned addition to your diet. For instance, Focus Plus at work, Pure Energy in the morning, Dieting Blend during the cut phase, Immune Builder when feeling sick or traveling, and the Organic Mushroom as a regular monthly detox regimen. That’s just my idea. You can mix and match in whatever way best suits your needs and lifestyle. The club membership gives you a discount and regular delivery though, which is a bonus.

Call them up. Tell them Dr. Dave sent you.


4 thoughts on “CafeFit Coffee Review

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  2. Never heard of your coffee before. Bought some at an auction at a very good price. I’ll buy and try if its a good price. Sometimes its not too good. I have been using your coffer for the last month staring on the third bag, Has good taste and I am 4 lbs lighter. Don’t know if its all the coffee as I am eating better. But I do think the coffee has helped. Not seen your coffee in a store around here anywhere.

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