My Personal Harajuku…a 7 Month Update on the Fat Boy

Just took my body measurements last night for an update and, in the interests of total disclosure, I thought I’d reveal them.

Here we go…

Most importantly, my beard is 4 months old and must weigh about 10 pounds. I’ll use that as an excuse for not losing more weight.

My weight this week is at 238 lbs, only 5 lbs less than where I started.

My total inches (a sum of 7 different measure points) is at 181.375, which is 7.75 inches lost this year.

My waist-hip ratio is down 3 points to 0.95.

My BMI (body mass index) is down to 33.2 from 33.9. This still leaves me in the obese category. If you know me, you’d agree that I don’t look obese. My looks don’t account for my visceral fat though, which is what scares me. I’ll be happy when I move down a category in the BMI.

So that’s me for now. Not neccesarily less of me, but still me.


2 thoughts on “My Personal Harajuku…a 7 Month Update on the Fat Boy

  1. Via Facebook- Victor wrote: “Oh ya, kick ass on your weight loss. Looking forward to seeing the transformation.”

  2. Via Facebook- Victor wrote: “Ever been to Harajuku? It is a real place in Japan where a lot young people congregate to watch live bands play music. Loud, energy filled, and a great place to see a lot of young Japanese show of their creativity.”

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