The Joy of Self-Employment…or…Escape the Cubicle, Slave!

I love being self-employed. I love dictating my own schedule and making my own hours. Sometimes there are 120 hour weeks. Sometimes I don’t work at all. The thing is, that I decide what happens. I’m not telling you that every day in the self-employed life is peachy. After all, I work for the worst boss in the world, and though I may not be a slave to someone else’s schedule, I am a slave to myself and my own habit of demanding perfection.

Yesterday was one of those poster days for the notion of self-employment. It was a busy Thursday like any other. Deadlines and phone calls galore. You know what I did? At around 11 am I changed from jeans into swimming trunks and walked the 200 yards from my front office door down to the waterpark. There I spent most of the day going down the slides with my wife and 2 of our boys (7 and 4). My dad was there with us as well. He’s also self-employed. We played in the lazy river, hit the wave pool, and made fun of people with no fashion sense.


So no matter how hard or busy self-employment can be, it’s worth it for those days when I can call a halt to the madness and simply go out and play. This is what it looks like…

(I just posted a ton of self-employment in action pics on my Facebook page. If you’d like to see them, just drop me a ‘friend request’. Thanks!)


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