Travel Tips…Hotel Eating

I’ll be the first to tell you that my eating habits on the road change drastically depending on who is with me. If the family is with me, we tend to eat out more and not as healthy. This is primarily due to the fact that my wife isn’t willing to tough it out as much as I am, even if it means saving money or eating better. Eating out costs more and makes it much harder to make healthy decisions for the family.

If at all possible, on family trips we try to choose hotels that have kitchen areas. This way we can hit a grocery store and stock up on food that we can prepare at the hotel.

If I’m by myself I typically fall back to my bachelor days when I travelled a lot for both business and pleasure. I don’t mind eating cold food, nor do I mind eating food straight from the can or plastic container that it comes in.

On this trip I found a Big Lots near my hotel. I like Big Lots for several reasons. They typically have food that isn’t normally stocked at the grocery store, and the food is cheap. I stocked up on about 10 meals worth of food for just a little over $12. This even included several splurge items, such as a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

As a last tip, here’s how I heat my food when there’s no microwave in the room. Just let it sit in a steaming hot water bath for a few minutes. Not as hot as the microwave, but still mildly effective.


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