Diseased Cantaloupe (Food Critics Can’t Take the Heat)

I just read this on an e-mail post from a local food critic in the area where I live. I thought I’d throw it out to the netverse and see what everyone else thought about it…

For some time readers have been asking for comments sections after…articles, and this week we delivered. Comment away! If you’re not already signed up for the Disqus comment program, you’ll need to register. It’s free.  Note: A couple of commenters have already established themselves as mean-spirited, and I won’t tolerate that. Critical comments are fine – we all have opinions – but
blatantly cruel posts are out of line. To those who say I’m inhibiting free speech, I say go get your own Web site and make all the snarky comments you want.

With the capability and ease for customers to instantly complain these days via Twitter, Yelp, and the innumerable sites that are available to us, how should you deal with comments that you don’t particularly like?

Should you ignore them like an ostrich with his head in the sand?

Should you answer them and try to help or explain?

Should you go on the offensive and attack

Should you exercise the god-like power of the webmaster or mistress and simply delete anything you don’t like?

I’m reminded of a story that my friend and tech guru Justin Lukasavige told in his class yesterday on social media about a recent complaint he made via Twitter to Thrifty Car Rental. They didn’t respond well and, from what he said, it seemed like they pulled the ostrich head in the sand method while trying to sound like they were responding in a proper manner. The end result…he said he’d find another car rental company.

I guess it depends on the situation and the particular comment, but, for some reason, this food critic’s words just didn’t seem like responsible customer service to me. It almost sounded like an uppity way of doing her best to alientate readers. It kind of makes me want to see a restaurant owner use her own tactic and let her know…”if you don’t like my food, go get your own restaurant.” Most food critics are like the worst teachers. If you can’t do, just critique.

UPDATE…11/3/11… Just read a cool article in Inc. and thought I’d post a section relevant to this blog…


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