Go Ahead and Wash Your Car

I washed my car this morning. I hate washing my car. It’s one of those mindless tasks that needs to be done, but I’d rather be working on a project or reading a book. For a long time I’ve weighed tasks like that by money. I could pay the detail shop $25 to clean it for me in an hour. In that same hour I could make $250 for a counseling session or even more on a bigger endeavor.

I didn’t do that today, and though I obviously lost money I gained something even better…time to think. It took me an hour and a half to wash the car. It would’ve been shorter, but I stopped to talk to a friend in a neighboring office for a few minutes. Washing the car is such a ‘hands on-mind off’ task that I don’t need to think about what I’m actually doing. I can let my mind roam and plot and plan, and I did. I have a huge life-changing project coming up, and I’ve had a very little time to just sit and breathe on it. Today I did. An hour of completely open thinking time was better than a full day of  bits and pieces and here and there time.

It was so worth it, and I urge you to try it. Do something this week that is completely ‘mind off’ and take some time.

Wash a car.

Mow the yard.

Clean out the garage.

Clean a bathroom.

Just go and do it.


2 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Wash Your Car

  1. There is a step further, and it is to wash your car just aware of washing it, mindful of the activity. May I suggest, you go and do it… again!

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