Good Eats at Leopard Forest Coffee Company in Travelers Rest SC

While on my 2 week speaking tour last month I spent some time with my wife’s family near Greenville SC. We drove into town one day (partly so I could hit the local comic book store Borderlands) and stopped in at Leopard Forest Cafe for lunch. They have a really nice cafe right on the main drag in Travelers Rest (TR). TR used to be a pretty trashy area that you just drove through to go from city to hiking. Now they’ve revitalized the entire town with a sweet bike trail, lots of new shops, and, most of all, energy!

We had a great time at the cafe. It has a nice coffee shop atmosphere with small town vibe. The Leopard Forest brand coffee is roasted down the street so if you walk by at the right time, the smell is intoxicating. Aside from their home-roasted coffee, the food is also excellent. If you’re ever in the TR area or making the trek northward on 276 toward Table Rock, Caesar’s Head, or Lake Jocassee, I’d recommend you stop in for a bite and a cup of brew.

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