Homeschool Tips- Public School at Home

Originally published in print in Parent News magazine…

               My wife and I recently checked out a new curriculum offered in conjunction with the South Carolina Department of Education known as the South Carolina Virtual Charter School. It’s operated by a company called K12

                We checked it out because it looks like a really good program. You get a state diploma if the kids graduate through it. All the materials from curriculum to science lab equipment is provided for free. The program itself is completely free and already paid for with your tax dollars.

                Parents homeschool for a variety of reasons. It could be freedom, flexibility, course materials, religious issues, or anything. For my wife and me, it’s actually a combination of all of those. The K12 program doesn’t offer much of that for us. The program still follows the standard school year. If your kids miss a day of school because you’re traveling, you still have to make that day up in the evening or on the weekend. You’re not allowed to school year-round like we choose to do. You have to use the public school curriculum lesson by lesson with no leeway. So no supplementing with your own information be it religious instruction or a different point-of-view on a history lesson unless you do it after school. Your kids also still have to spend about the same amount of time in class as if they were actually in a school classroom.

                Like I said, it didn’t work for us. However, if you have no qualms about public school but would rather have your kids at home, possibly to avoid bad social situations, or to do school on the road, it just might work for you. The program seems really well done and would impart a lesson just as good or possibly better than at a regular school. All the lessons plans and actual lessons are done for you, so if you’re afraid of that part of homeschool, you’re in luck.

                It’s not really public school. It’s not really homeschool. It’s public school at home. It might work for you.


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