Coffee Review- Chemex Mugs Are a Bit of a Bust

I thought I’d finally get around to reviewing the Chemex mugs that have been my coffee mainstay for over a year now. Let me start off by saying what a fan I am of the Chemex coffeepot. I love it! It works great for me, and I love the effect on the coffee that it produces. Chemex also starting making coffee mugs recently that look just as sexy in a laboratory kind of way.

At first I was a raving fan of the mugs. Look great. Work great. Then…

After about seven months of using the mugs, one of the handles developed a crack, which then spidered out into the glass. No biggie. Could just be a small flaw, right? I called the company to check on the issue and a possible replacement. The customer service rep told me that they were having a lot of problems with the mugs and had stopped selling them. Unfortunately, despite the defective glass, there was no offer of a replacement.

As I wrote this blog I rechecked the Chemex website, and saw that they are still listed as “Temporarily Out of Stock”. Apparently, they’re still looking for a new glass manufacturer. So, if you bought the mugs in their initial incarnation, let me apologize for Chemex…I’m sorry! Unfortunately, even if they come out with new mugs, I won’t be buying them. If Chemex had offered a refund or at least a gift certificate on more Chemex product, I would think about it.

Thanks Chemex…great coffeepot…crappy mugs! 

Chemex Drip Coffee Carafe – 6 Cup"".

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