A Sartorial Diversion Into Lips with Bling

A bit of a sartorial diversion here.

I came across an article in a recent issue of Glamour magazine titled Beauty Extremes Any Girl Should Try Out. The front page for the article highlighted temporary lip tattoos.

Not sure exactly what I think about it. There are so many fashionable items that look great in slick print, on the runway, or on Fergie during a Black Eyed Peas concert that just don’t translate well to real life. I’ll withhold final judgment until I see them on someone at the mall or a charity event. Initially, though, I think I like them.

I’m a big fan of anything different. That’s easy enough to understand if you’ve seen my fierce beard. If you’ve tried these out, please send me a pic. I know these would go over well with all my cosplay friends.

I’m also curious about how durable they are. The ones in the pic, from Violent Lips, advertise that they last 4-8 hours, even with kissing. That’d get you through a party or an event.


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