Manly Man Gift Ideas

Originally published in print in South Carolina Woman…

REAL Gift Ideas for Your Man This Year

Don’t buy your man any of those expensive or goofy things that he’ll never use and you’ll end up throwing into a garage sale bin a year later. Here’s a couple of ideas of things your guy might really want this year.

Adjustable dumbbells– Several companies make them, but Bowflex makes the best ones. Take away any of the excuses your guy might be using to neglect working on those guns. $150-500

TOMS Shoes– Your guy needs to be both socially and fashionably conscious. There are so many TOMS styles out there, so why not buy him a gift certificate and let him pick his own. I love the limited edition Movember ones, but I’m biased toward anything with facial hair (except women). $80

The Walking Dead season one DVD set– Even if you don’t care for zombie action, your guy should love this. If he’s already seen the first season on tv, he’ll still enjoy the extra features. $40

Chemex coffeepot– This is by far the coolest way to make coffee at home. I’ve used one for years. It looks good and the brew is sweet. $40

Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson- I haven’t read this one yet, so I can’t comment on the story. With Jobs’ recent passing it’ll probably be the must-buy Christmas read. $35

A 12-pack of his favorite beverage- How silly, you say! No way. Guys like practicality and nothing is more practical than a case of his favorite whatever that no one else is going to mess with. For me, it’d be Mountain Dew. $ varies

Coupon book- These are so cheesy, but only because they’re seldom honored. Go buy one of those coupon books or make your own. Be sure it has things like an uninterrupted hour of tv, a sexy massage, a free day of maid service, and more. I’ll let you fill in the extras. Just be sure they’re items that you’ll follow through on. It’s those unused coupons that make the gift cheesy.

Now this is coming straight from the dude’s mouth, so take it as a man-rule. Ask your guy what he wants for Christmas. Ask for enough ideas so that you have choices. Then surprise him with what you pick.

Stay tuned in 2012 for a brand new revamp on the Man’s Point of View column!

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