Olivia Wilde Makes an Entry (Top Female Movie Scenes)

I finally saw Tron:Legacy the other day, but I didn’t just watch it. Me and the whole family including my 2 boys made it an experience. We ordered the original Tron movie from Netflix and watched it first. Then we pulled up Tron:Legacy from their instant queue and watched that one. Awesome! I hadn’t seen the old movie since my wee days. I was 7 years old when it hit the big screen. With both movies and the behind-the-scenes documentaries on the dvd, we had almost 4 hours on Tron-ness.

I have to say that Olivia Wilde was spectacular in the movie and deserves this entry into my Top Female Movie Scenes list. This pose alone was worth the entry…

…but there was also the LED outfit, the sweet rescue on the lightcycle battlefield, the laser frisbee, the digital recovery from getting her arm chopped off, and the hair! Wow! She’s been great in her other performances on both the big and little screens, but this one clinches her spot.

In light of an excellent movie I also wanted to give a close second place, almost entry into the Top Scenes list, for the 3 digital wardrobe sirens from another scene. Kudos to Beau Garrett, Serinda Swan, Yaya DaCosta, and Elizabeth Mathis for their scene! I absolutey loved the regimented Stepford Wives way they did their job. Even the way they walked around was cool and sexy.



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