Homeschool Tips- My Little Boy’s Blog

Originally published in print in Parent News magazine…

Wow! Blogs are everywhere these days. I mean, everyone has a blog and fancies them self a credentialed journalist, and I think that’s great. Blogs have done so much to break down the fourth estate, as the official ‘press’ is known, and they are also a great way to educate your kids in homeschool.

My seven-year-old son Abishai just started his own blog at In our homeschool we use it for both language arts and computer instruction. It’s a great way for him to learn and also to possibly reach and inspire other homeschoolers. He talks about his week, or a big event, or his baby brother’s poop habits.

Our method is to have him write out his blog on paper first. He’s a first grader, so we require a minimum of 100 words. Once he and I edit the writing, many of them end up around 120 words in length. After we proofread the paper copy he types it into a Word document. Then he and I sit down and arrange the paragraphs, proof everything again, and flush out the descriptions. Although I help him when he gets stuck, he does everything from typing to copy and pasting. After this part is done, we upload it to his WordPress blog, which he named The Last Appeal. Once it’s on there I teach him how to insert videos and photos to enhance the blog and attract readers. He loves and really enjoys seeing the finished product posted to my Facebook page for family to see.

You should try this with your own homeschoolers, no matter how old they are. If you’d like to check out Abishai’s blog, you can find him at He really loves it when people comment on his posts.


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