Blu Coffee Company’s Jamaican Blue Mountain Brew Review

This article was originally published in print in Parent News magazine…

I’ve probably talked about my association with Dan Miller, the author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, so much that you might be getting sick of it. I’m sure I’ll talk about it even more. My association with Miller, his family, and his friends have shaped my professional and personal life more than anyone I know. This month’s coffee review of Blu Coffee Company (BCC) came about because of that association.

A couple of years ago I attended a coaching class at the Sanctuary, Dan Miller’s ranch in Franklin, TN. I was there to discover ways to expand my coaching business and also to make new friends. Every time I attend a class at one of their events I meet at least one or two people who quickly become great friends. One of my new friends met BCC owner Denise Mills at another event and sent me a message about her and the company. She and her husband Tim Mills own the company.

The coffee industry seems to be on the forefront of the social enterprise movement and BCC is built around that premise. I’ll tell you about the company in their own words from the website…

What is BLU? BLU Coffee Company was organized and established in 2010 as a socially responsible, totally transparent company based in the heartland of Oklahoma. Residing in Edmond, OK, this company was developed as a lifeline and a means of financial support for a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization called Whisper of Hope, also based out of Edmond.

                What are BLU’s values and purpose? BLU is all about making each day count for the kingdom of God. It was born to not only bring others the world’s best coffee, but to help Build Lives Up (BLU) in the process. “The Aroma of Giving,” is not just the tagline for BLU, but it is the action that BLU hopes to perpetuate, and the heart and soul of the company’s founder’s Tim and Denise Mills.

                Why was BLU established? After making the decision to dedicate their lives to serving God and helping others, Tim and Denise formed the not-for-profit organization Whisper of Hope with the vision of using creative arts as a means to bring hope, healing, and the love of Christ to those in need. While serving for three years locally and abroad, they began praying for a way to truly invest in communities or, “Build Lives Up,” and make a lasting difference economically. They needed an avenue that would provide the resources and the opportunities to do so, and while serving in Jamaica, they found the perfect blend!

                Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee quickly became the means Whisper of Hope was looking for, and the doorway to establishing incredible bonds with the Jamaican people. It was out of this development that BLU was born, and the merge with Whisper of Hope created. Importing and selling this one of a kind Jamaican coffee not only provides sustenance for Whisper of Hope to do great works through Christ, but it gives back earnings to the Jamaican people so they can strengthen their communities and improve their quality of life. Tim and Denise are expanding their vision to impact people’s lives more significantly than ever before, hoping to change the lives of individuals and communities both locally and abroad.

                How am I helping the cause? With every purchase from BLU Coffee Company, proceeds are donated to Whisper of Hope to help fund projects such as mission trips to third-world countries, giving Hope Totes to the needy, providing art supplies and other resources to communities in need, and many, many other ventures which give back to those less fortunate. Because the needs are endless, the possibilities are endless, and BLU Coffee Company in conjunction with Whisper of Hope remain open and obedient to wherever the will of God leads them.

I’ve had Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee many times before, and it holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first “authentic” coffee I ever tried.  Mills sent me a small package of coffee to taste for the review, which I was delighted with. I brewed a batch in my brand new Chemex pot and it was absolutely wonderful. The Chemex pot and mugs bring out more flavor than any device I’ve ever used. We brewed it very dark and it carried the low acidity and bitterness that it is known for along with the inherent natural sweetness that creates what I think of as the king of coffees.

If you’ve never quaffed Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee before or are already a fan, I would suggest you give Blu Coffee Company a try. You can get the world’s best coffee and help out a worthy cause at the same time. Tell the Mills’ that Dr. Dave sent you.


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