Tired, but In a Good Way

I’m a little tired as I get ready to enter an overly busy weekend. I’m tired, but in a good way.

Here’s a recap of the past day and a half.

Wake up and make breakfast for my two oldest boys (7 and 4).

Teach a Leadership class to the City of Myrtle Beach (SC) for The Kegler Group, a pretty spiffy consulting/training organization that I freelance for.

Walk to lunch at California Pizza at The Market Common, a super swanky live/work/shop area that I’d kill to live at.

Run by the house to play with the boys. My 3yo wanted me to get him enough rope to tie his brother to a tree. Of course, I happily obliged.

Over to the office to check e-mails and assault a stack of paperwork.

Have a second coaching session with a new client. I love this guy! He’s one of the rare clients that really wants to work hard on doing something better.

Supper and playtime with the kids.

Work on a couple of new contracts for mindmapping.

Watch the first 2 episodes of The Pacific and the last 2 episodes of Birds of Prey with my wife.

Read a little…2 professional journals, 3 golf magazines, and 2 chapters of Storybranding.


Wake up and make breakfast for my two oldest boys (7 and 4).

Worked a few hours on my dad’s remodeling business.

Lunch at home with my 3 feral boys and wife. She’s not feral, just the boys.

Did a modeling shoot in my kilt with my beard prominently displayed.

Back to the office for a final assault on the pile o’ paperwork.

Write a blog about my…


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