Homeschool Tips- Math-U-See Offers Pure Math Awesomeness

Originally published in print in Parent News magazine…

In the few short years since we started homeschooling our wee lads we’ve gone through several curriculums for pretty much every subject. This isn’t a problem though, because it’s simply the best way to find the perfect fit for you as a teacher and for your children as students. A perfect fit for both equals enhanced learning and increased knowledge retention.

Our perfect fit for math education is the Math-U-See program. We actually visited their booth at a homeschool conference and fell in love with it immediately. The Math-U-See system is based on blocks, which are very similar to Lego blocks. They stack. They fit together. They help make learning math easier and way more fun for my boys. Aside from the blocks, the system also uses videos and manuals to enhance their leaning. The videos are very well produced and my son enjoys them as well.

Abishai is just now starting his second year of Math-U-See curriculum. I don’t know if not enjoying math education is something written into the genes of most kids, but he used to hate it. Now he really likes it, and we don’t have to pull out the red pencil to mark up his tests as much.

If you haven’t found that perfect fit for math curriculum yet, I’d highly recommend trying Math-U-See. It works great and is very affordable. You can check it out at or feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

PS…The photo that was used with the article was taken by my friend Ryan Smith. She’s a pretty awesome photographer and snapped this at our church.


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