Homeschool Tips- The Juppy Baby Walker

I’m a huge proponent of the concept of lifelong learning. I’m 37 years old with six college degrees, and I still take classes, read, and open myself up to knowledge every chance I get. Along with the same thought that you’re never too old to learn, I also believe you’re never too young to learn. After all, isn’t that what parenting is all about? We start teaching our kids from day one how to fend for themselves and gradually work toward independence.

For my wee lads, my three feral boys, as I often refer to them, I’ve always been willing to try new methods or products to teach them everything they need. My youngest boy, who is just shy of 11 months old, recently started making overtures toward bipedal locomotion (walking) about the same time I was asked to review the Juppy Baby Walker. Perfect timing!

The Juppy Baby Walker is a sling-like device that not only helps your baby learn how to walk, but helps the parent as well. I liked that. A lot of products help the kids, but never consider the ease of use or helpfulness for the parent. You basically put the Juppy on your baby, lengthen the slings so that you’re not bending down, and then follow him around as he explores.

Most people teach their kids to walk by walking with them, all hunched over, holding their poor little arms up. This could hurt you or the baby. The Juppy is awesome because it keeps you away from a back injury, helps your child learn to walk faster, and also keeps you from yanking their shoulder or elbow out when they fall. Also, with the Juppy, their hands and arms are free to help balance and learn to walk as they naturally should.

I even filmed a video as part of my personal product testing…

As you can see, my wee lad is doing pretty good on both hard and carpeted surfaces and the transition to and from each. At 10 months old, he’s ready to take off. He had so much fun with it that he would try to dance in it as well as walk. The Juppy worked very well, and I’d highly recommend it as the main method of walking instruction and as a first step in educating your kids the right way with the best product available.

You can check out the Juppy Baby Walker even more at their website and also order direct from them.

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