Homeschool Tips- Using Netflix for Education

Originally published in print in Parent News magazine…

There’s a lot of research both for and against using video and multimedia in education. You know what I think? I think that as a homeschool parent and de facto administrator of your school that you are best qualified to decide on your own. With that said, we use it a lot, and Netflix is a great resource for us.

Netflix has various plans available, but the instant play videos are the cheapest plan and provide more videos than you could ever use in school. The following is a sample list of videos we’ve used for school, although depending on the age group, your needs may vary.

  1. Liberty Kids (animated series about the American Revolution)
  2. God of Wonders (science documentary)
  3. Sid the Science Kid (PBS animated series)
  4. Creatures That Defy Evolution (series of science documentaries)
  5. Leapfrog (animated series with various topics)
  6. Walking with Prehistoric Beasts (a dinosaur series)
  7. Blue’s Clues (the entire series is available)
  8. National Geographic documentaries (there are a ton of these available on various topics)
  9. VeggieTales (various movies that are great for teaching moral concepts)
  10. Imax films (many of these are available)

This is just a short list. Feel free to explore on your own. You’ll be amazed at what’s available!


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