Dave Ramsey Bashes Gourmet Coffee

I’m a huge Dave Ramsey fan. My wife and I went through his Financial Peace program shortly after we got married and it changed our lives. I recently went through it again, this time as a teacher. I noticed this little graphic in the workbook where it would appear that Dave is bashing my fave beverage of choice, but let me explain.

First off, most gourmet coffee that you’ll pay $5 for is swill, brown coffee-flavored juice, black tar, the offal of bad beans. You get the idea. You can easily pay $5 for this stuff at your local neighborhood chain coffee shop that has a few million locations all over. You know who I’m talking about. Don’t buy that stuff.

The other premise at play that Dave is really talking about is that if you don’t have the money, don’t buy any of it. Coffee isn’t important enough that you’re using a credit card to pay for it. Coffee isn’t important enough that you should be buying it if you’re in debt. That’s what Dave’s talking about…debt versus luxury items.

If you’re not in debt, but money doesn’t flow freely, there are better ways to enjoy a quality gourmet brew. Buy some really great beans from a quality roaster and brew your quality juice at home. You’ll have a much better coffee experience and you’ll save money.

Boomshakalock…there you go.


2 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey Bashes Gourmet Coffee

  1. Here is the deal…there is no price you can put on joy and peace. Coffee and wine are MUCH cheaper than therapy. And roasting my own coffee, I pay $5 per lb for stuff that sells for $12 or $14. I drink well, and cheap!

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