I’m a Boy Scout…well, sorta.

I received my first ever official Boy Scout award this week at the ripe old Boy Scout age of 37. You see, the thing is, I’m not a Boy Scout. I think the most I ever did when I was little was a few classes and one pinewood car derby. I didn’t stay in the Scouts long, not even long enough to go from Cub to Boy Scout. I don’t know why either. Looking back, I just remember being a Scout for a short time and then it was over.

We started my oldest son Abishai in the Scouts and plan on doing it with the other boys. We’ve actually integrated it into our homeschool curriculum to place even more importance on what he’s learning. I’m really getting into it and wish I’d been able to stay in it when I was a wee lad. I love the uniform and all the badges and activities.

I’ve not gotten my son involved, but I get excited about helping out as well. I recently helped out by compiling the paperwork for a Den award that our group qualified for.

I’m basically saying all that to express the fact that I am really stoked to have this award. My first Boy Scout award…it makes up for all those cool patches and badges I missed out on.

Thanks Ray!


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