How Awesome Are You?

How awesome are you?

It’s a good question and very relevant, because your awesomeness is a reflection of how you personally see yourself and how others see you.

My friend Nathan Agin runs a website called Nonstop Awesomeness. It’s not even that he’s on an ego trip, because he’s a really humble guy. It’s because he sees his life and what he does as a nonstop trip through awesome-land. It’s like his life is an exercise in pursuing awesomeness around him instead of just becoming awesome. It works though, because myself and others think that both his journey and he are pretty awesome.

Here’s me and Nathan at the 1st ever World Domination Summit in Portland OR…

My wee nephew told his grandma the other day that when he grew up he wanted to be a Ghostbuster, a fireman, and David (that’s Me!). I gotta tell you that it made me feel pretty good to hear that.

But what you need to realize is that he didn’t say he wanted to do what I do. Nor did he pick a particular piece of my life that he wanted to emulate. He picked the whole, as if ‘being David’ is an ideal or a peer into a life of awesomeness. I’m not even around him that much, but when I am, he sees me having fun, playing with my boys, and doing fun and crazy things.

I’ve heard the same thing from adults too, that they wanted to be like me.

It begs the question in your own life…what are you doing…what kind of life are you creating…how do you present to others? Is it a life of awesomeness that others wish to enjoy? Or is it s life that’s more symbolic of dryer lint, something that’s always there that exists to be pushed around or ignored?

Don’t be the dryer lint!

I gotta tell you though, I’m pretty stoked that I even rated at all in a list that includes a Ghostbuster.


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