I’m Gonna Be In Iron Man 3…Maybe (Autotrekking to Wilmington NC)

It’s true. I might be in the next Iron Man movie. At least I hope I will be.

One of the items on my Mondo Beyondo list is to be a named extra in a movie, so I decided the best way to do that is to start attending casting calls. I took a short autotrek an hour and a half up the road to Wilmington NC for today’s casting call for the movie. To accomplish the item on my list, I’d pretty much be happy for any movie, even a straight-to-DVD one, but Iron Man 3! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?

I thought the casting call went pretty good. They seemed decently satisfied with my resume and appearance. They also seemed pretty happy with my military and weapons experience. With my beard at it’s current length I could easily pass as a biker, spec forces operator, or skinhead.

Now to sit back and wait a couple of weeks for a second call.

Even if it doesn’t come, the experience was pretty cool, and I met some pretty good folks while in line. There are tryouts coming up soon for Homeland season 2 and Banshee. Keep an eye out at the movies. You just might catch a glimpse of me on the big screen.


2 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be In Iron Man 3…Maybe (Autotrekking to Wilmington NC)

  1. Many moons ago when I was a lanky, long-haired youth pastor the very ladies in the church that ranted about my locks were the first to tell me of a casting call for long-haired men for a new Mel Gibson movie. I’m a huge Braveheart fan so I spent several days daydreaming about meeting Mad Max. My schedule, unfortunately, didn’t allow for it. Now the hair has been replaced by scraggly bald pate. I often wonder what might’ve happened had I ended up an extra on the Patriot and friend of William Wallace. Glad you went for it! Who knows, but that you were created for such a time as this? By the way, are those things haning from your rearview what I think they are?

    • Funny thing too. I had Christians in front of and behind me in line. We were talking about church most of the time. Oh yeah, the thing on the mirror is what you thought, except it came from a kangaroo.

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