A Review of Storybranding by Jim Signorelli

This article was originally published in print in Transitions magazine…

A Review of Storybranding by Jim Signorelli

Last year I attended a conference by Don Miller called Storyline. It was all about writing the story of your life before you live it, not when it’s too late to change anything. The idea of writing a great story and living it out really appeals to me. As much as I liked the idea of writing a story with my life, I also wondered where business figures into it. I know that the source of my income plays into my story in a big way, but is it possible to write the story that I want my business ventures to live out as their own story?

Turns out there is a way to do this. I recently started reading a book called StoryBranding by Jim Signorelli. It’s all about telling stories through your business and telling a story with your business. Your own personal story is rather easy. After all, you’re the main character and everyone else is only supporting cast. With a business, even your own, It is the main character and You are part of the supporting cast. Each individual part of your business plays a role in its story, from customer service to the bookkeepers. Even your customers will p ay roles, sometimes even pivotal ones, so be sure how you both select and treat them.

So far though, I’ve only spoken of story. There’s also the devotion to branding that exists as well. After all, that is the purpose of the story, to create a brand that stands out.

The book is very good from several points of view. Of course, there’s the business side of things, which is amply discussed. Then there’s also the storytelling view of things. We are all storytellers, even if we do not realize it. Our lives tell a story. We relate stories to family and friends every day. It’s interesting to understand the business side of that function. I could see the usefulness of reading this book from a consumer’s point of view as well. Imagine if you had the choice to choose between two businesses to spend your money with. If all else were similar, would you rather spend your money with one that cultivated a memorable story or one that simply existed only to make money?


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