Are You Worth Your Salary?

I always love it when the annual salary issue comes out in Parade magazine. It presents a good cross-section of wages and occupations across the country. This year’s issue also revisited people who’ve been profiled in the past.

The revisit also raised a few interesting questions for me.

1.  It’d be interesting to see how the belly dancer increased her income so much in a bad economy. I also find it funny that she makes almost as much as the psychotherapist. Imagine the education differential.

2. Going back to school doesn’t seem like a smart move to me. An increase in money? Nah. Annual increases at her old job would’ve probably left her with a higher salary. And going into a job that’s ending? Pretty stupid. Should’ve kept the old job and been happy with the Masters degree.

3. Very well done on the second career!

4. This one is actually not very well represented. To get a true idea of someone’s income, it should represent all sources. I’d guess that the POTUS’ book royalties eclipsed what he makes as the Prez.


5. What the heck is a laughter ambassador? It does pay better than a Pastor’s salary.

6. Hey genius! Maybe consider turning one of these into a fulltime job? At this wage, I have to ask, are you any good at any of these or still just entry level after all these years?

7. Those that can’t, teach. Apparently, it pays better sometimes too.

8.  Sweetie, maybe it’s time to realize that you’re no good at what you’re doing. If you do know how to cook, but you’re a crappy business owner, consider working for someone else.

9. At least someone had a good excuse for making less money. He’s enjoying the Hawaiian life and hanging out on the beach.


10. Another great example of those that can’t moving into teaching. A crappy quarterback turned millionaire coach.



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