Pushing Buttons and Providing Opportunities

As most of you know, I’m a huge sci-fi and pop culture nerd. I enjoyed watching the short lived micro-episodes of The Booth at the End on Hulu. It was an interesting show about a mysterious Man played by Xander Berkeley who helps people get their desires if they will do something he asks. It’s how I work with my clients by asking them to do the things that make their passions come alive.

I pulled an interesting set of quotes from one of the episodes that really resonated well with me. These are from season 1, episode 4 titled I Have My Reasons.


Client- “She says how you make things happen.”

The Man- “I don’t.”

Client 2- “He doesn’t make things happen.”

The Man- “I provide opportunities.”

Client 2- “It’s like he gives you a button, and you can push it to get what you want.”


That’s what I do for my clients…

Present intel.

Provide opportunities.

Push buttons.


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