Who’s Drinking Coffee Today? Green Lantern, Justin Timberlake, and Dresden

It’s Wednesday. That means it’s coffee day on the old blogosphere. Thought I’d do another round of pop culture coffee references for you.

Here’s a Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) coffee scene from GL #66 in Sept 1995.

What’s up Lantern? You save the coffee mug with your magic green chicanery one minute and give up on it the next?

How about Justin Timberlake? Now, this gives you a great idea of the true worth of a mug of joe. It’s a pic from his movie In Time where people are willing to trade minutes off of their very lives for some coffee. The going price for a basic coffee is 3 minutes. Great movie, by the way. You should check it out.

And the last lovely juice of the brown bean tidbit I’ll give you today is from a book by my absolute fave sci-fi/fantasy author Jim Butcher. It’s from his book Side Jobs.


From the short story Day Off…

p159- “My apprentice came in and set two Starbucks cups down on the coffee table, along with a bag that would be full of something expensive that Starbucks thought people should eat with coffee.”

P162- “I checked the fireplace, which Molly had lit and which was crackling quietly. My coffeepot hung on a swinging arm near the fire, close enough to stay warm without boiling. I went to the pot and checked. She’d put my cup of expensive Starbucks elixir in there to stay warm. If I’d been preparing to murder her, that single act of compassion would have been reason enough to spare her life.”


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