Journal or Die!

I’ve always been a big fan of journaling. I have an entire shelf of journals in my office that I’ve completed over the years. A lesson I learned a long time ago that I repeat often is that you’ll seldom find a truly successful person in any field of endeavor that is not a frequent chronicler in his or her journal. Try it.

Journals don’t have to be boring either. My journal is as close to multimedia experience as an analog device can be. There are drawings, stickers, pasted cut-outs, food labels, lots of writing, and just about anything else that I can glue, staple, or tape down. My kids even complete pages in there from time to time with stickers and kid art.

I’d love to go into a huge lesson on journaling, but we each have our own way that stokes our creativity and leads onward to greatness. Instead, I’d like to point you a recent blog by a good friend of mine, the muse of Nonstop Awesomeness, Nathan Agin. It’s how he journals every day.

I hope you enjoy. Here’s the link- A Doorway to Nonstop Awesomeness Journaling.


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