I Know a Guy Who Makes His Own Soap and Shaves with an Axe

This article originally published in print as part of my Time to Relax column in Transitions magazine…

Soap Dock, www.soapdock.com and Mountain Man Soap, www.mountainmansoap.com

A friend of mine Brett Traudt has been making soap for years and selling it at Mountain Man Soap. I’ve been using the soap, and it’s pretty awesome. I like to idea of using soap made from natural ingredients instead of the nastiness that’s found in most cleansing agents. Brett also uses ground oatmeal in the bars to provide a loofah effect which really helps me when I’ve been out hiking or biking and come home all muddy and manly smelling. You can order the soap directly from his website.

Brett also just launched a new product called the Soap Dock. It’s a completely biodegradable soap holder designed to reduce the mess in your bathroom, make your soap last longer, and keep it from getting soft and nasty in the shower. It’s pretty cool.

Check out Brett’s sites where you can order a sample pack of soap and a pair of Soap Docks. On the Soap Dock site, you can watch my video on the Testimonials page. I filmed it while in the shower. I promise, no nudity.


2 thoughts on “I Know a Guy Who Makes His Own Soap and Shaves with an Axe

    • I’m pretty stoked with the gold bars. It just feels pretty cool when the loofah effect is from little gold flakes.

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