Escape While You Can

I know that for most of you, ‘life’ is something you need to escape from. Very few of you have created lives that your proud of, enjoy, or really want to continue for the rest of your life. I know this because not only have I been there, I’m still there in some ways. There are large portions of my life that I’ve managed to escape, but on the fringes are still parts that I can’t seem to get away from.

I’ve been enjoying the blogs and postings by the crew over at The Great Family Escape. It helps keep me motivated for my final escape and keeps that urge to get away to convergence fresh in my mind. Convergence, as Chris Guillebeau puts it (I’m paraphrasing here), is where your passions, talents, and skills all come together. A job you hate, house you can’t afford, or friends you don’t like, do not fit into true convergence.

The pic below is a great example of convergence. This is my boys working through a homeschool assignment, cooking a pizza. Creating the most awesome pizza in the world is also an item on my oldest son’s mondo beyondo list. That’s Abishai (7yo) on the right. Everything is in place here. Skills (my wife is an awesome chef), fun (my boys drew the pics on their aprons), friends (my great friend Lisa M gave the aprons to the boys as a gift), and passion (handling our kids’ education is a dream of mine). Add in a little flour, tomato sauce, and cheese and you have a recipe for a great pizza and an awesome day.

Here’s a short sample from a recent blog from The Great Family Escape that renewed this urge to get away for me.

I think the rules of escape are simple:

  • Get rid of your crap.
  • Pay back what you owe.
  • Stop impulsively taking on burdens.
  • Start doing the things you reallycare about every day.
  • Learn to be truly open to what happens next.

Check out their page to grab onto the rest of this post about the marshmallow test.

As for me, I suddenly have the almost irresistable urge to run home and get rid of some things.


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