There’s No Money In It, So Do It

I’m getting ready to head over to my mom’s house to spend a few hours setting up her new laptop, wireless network, some programs, etc. It’s in the middle of the work day. She’s not paying me. After all, it is my mom.

(Here’s me and my mom at the White House)…

Sometimes we get so caught up in our entrepreneurial ventures and money and prestige that we won’t consider doing something unless it can be monetized.

I have friends like that. They won’t do something unless it adds a little quan. I like Chris Guillebeau’s point of view, which is that you should give away most of what you do. This includes your time.

For my mom, who’s not the best person with a computer, it’s a humongous effort that will connect her back to Facebook and Webkinz. For me, it’s a couple of hours I get to spend with mom, feeling good that after all the years she gave everything up for me I can do something in return.

What are you doing today that doesn’t pay anything, but still gives you a huge return?



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