Rope Burns are So Cool

One thing about a rope course, whether it’s a good one or a bad one. If you make it all the way through, you should have a little skin damage when you’re done. Your hands should be burned, scraped, or really tight when you’re done.

That’s how life is too, if you’re trying to do great things. Even if all goes as planned, you should have some sign at the end that you earned your reward.

Myself and a couple of other really awesome folks have been asked to assist with the building of a new adventure education course at Horry-Georgetown Technical College near my home in South Carolina. It’s a lot of fun. I’d pay to do this kind of stuff for fun, and now I’m being paid to help others do it. That’s a win-win. That’s how things work when you find convergence, or the intersection of passions, skills, and something people will pay money for.

In addition to my other work as a Cultural Architect, I now become adjunct faculty and an outdoor guru and architect on a ropes course. My Passion for adventure, my Skill as a high speed low drag athlete, and an educational offering that people will Pay for have all converged with this one activity.

Where are you finding convergence with your current occupation? If you’re not, where should you find it?

PS…Here’s a couple of videos of our latest excursion. We visited the Xtreeme Challenge facility in Monroe NC for a run through their course and a train the trainer experience. We had an awesome time! We were really good at all the activities. Well, almost all. Raft building definitely isn’t our forte.


One thought on “Rope Burns are So Cool

  1. What a great blog David… you are a captivating writer! I had so much fun with you and am thrilled that our paths have intertwined. It’s wonderful to meet others who have such a passion for adventure & training!!! Thanks for sharing.

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