Are You Brave?

I was brave enough to take 2 little boys to see Brave, a movie about a female heroine. We weren’t scared in the least, nor were we the least bit hesisant to watch a young lady tearing through the Scottish countryside. We weren’t scared either to sit down in a theater jam-packed with soccer moms and their little girls. Oddly enough, I got a ton of compliments on my massive Viking beard from a few of the ladies.

I’m raising my boys to realize that there’s nothing wrong with strong women. That there’s nothing wrong with a woman who wants to be an archer and hunt bears like in the movie. That there’s nothing wrong with a woman who wants to go into space, play football, or become a surgeon. As a matter of fact, I want my boys to marry young ladies that aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe in, even if that means actual real physical fighting.

Me and the boys wanted to see this movie anyway, but an early review made me want to see it even more. It spoke of “no Prince Charmings”, “no knights in shining armor”, and a young lady who’s “desperately fighting for her life”. In other words, a world many women find themselves in now.

(this is one of the Japanese movie posters)

I recently joined an organization that trains men to become knights like in the old days of following a code and protecting the weak. Part of our journey is realizing that women in those days weren’t the wee fair princesses that are often represented in film and print. When the knights were away fighting or joining Crusades, the women ran and defended home and hearth. When we have get togethers and pound away on each other with practice swords, my friend Lady Andrea more than shows that a woman is capable of fighting hard. She likes to wield a two-handed broadsword and nail you in the head before you can get near enough for in close swordwork. It works. My helmet has the scratches to prove it.

In light of all this talk about women and bravery, is there a woman in your life that you need to pay tribute to? One that’s reached forward and struck out for the unknown, the difficult, or the dangerous?


2 thoughts on “Are You Brave?

  1. Being of Scot-Irish/Cherokee/ Brit descent and a lover of all things Celtic (and strong women as well, I might add!) I’m looking forward to this latest offering from Pixar. Enjoyed your take!

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