World Domination Summit 2012- D-Day-1

I’m officially in Portland OR for the second World Domination Summit. By ‘officially’ I just mean that it sounded better to preface being in Portland with an official sounding word. I made it out last year for the inaugural WDS and had a blast. There’s several previous posts about last year’s summit if you’d like to check them out. I made some great friends (shout out to Ryan McRae who I’m rooming with this week), attended some life-changing classes, and experienced the intricate weirdness that is Portlandia.

I flew out on the 4th of July, which felt a little bit weird, missing out on the holiday with my kids. I guess that was a good first step toward breaking the mold and prepping my mind for the WDS this year.

Photo- Beeker came with me. He hates airports.

If you’ve never been to Portland, it should be a must see on your to-do list. I’d recommend staying for a full week just to get the experience of everything. Today at 1 day until the conference begins me and Ryan are tooling around town. We had an excellent breakfast at Mother’s, which came highly recommended to us by Don Miller. We’ve visited the waterfront where I filmed a church service video. We hit up Chinatown and Ground Kontrol. Ground Kontrol is a video arcade jam-packed full of old school arcade games and pinball machines. Very cool. They even have an original Tron. I tried my best to play it well and morph into Tron-world so I could hang out with the digital Olivia Wilde. I did do well on the Indiana Jones pinball though.

There’s an abundance of coffeeshops in Portland without ever having to set foot in a Starbucks. We also passed by a VooDoo Doughnut, which despite 24-7 hours had a line out the door onto the sidewalk for breakfast sugary goodness.

I also made a point of visiting a couple of places where the tv show Grimm is filmed to take some pics for my mom. She and I both love that show. It’d be even cooler to meet some of the cast, but despite my digital stalking abilities, I can’t seem to find them.

Oh, and don’t forget Powell’s Bookstore. It’s a must stop for the Portland area. Imagine the biggest and best bookstore in your area, feed it everything it wants, give it some growth hormone, supply it with an entire city block, and stock it with 3 of everything. That’s what Powell’s is like for books.

This blog is a bit of a pre-summit travelogue, a down day for me. Tomorrow the world domination begins. I’ll give you a synopsis each day of the classes I’m attending, so please check back in. Check me out on Facebook at ‘DrDavid Powers’. I’ll be posting plenty of pics.

With a down day of my own and a holiday that many of you were off work for, it makes me want to ask…when was the last time you had some real downtime and what did you do or not do with it?

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