Bucket List 101 for Kids

My kids aren’t doing a Bucket List, although the project started out as one. They’re not dying. They’re not old and looking at the last third of their lives. My 2 oldest boys are 8 and 5. They are doing a list, though.

My boys are working on a Mondo Beyondo list. By that, I mean a list of totally awesome things they want to do. I’m talking Mondo Beyondo in the way Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen talk about it. I’m talking about my boys writing the story of their lives before they live it, the way Don Miller talks about it.

Each of us in my family made a Mondo Beyondo list, and at our family dinners we sit and have very realistic discussions about how to make it happen, no matter how crazy and BHAG-ish the goals seem.

My 5yo wanted to play a game of miniature golf with dinosaurs. Just a little crazy. Dinosaurs aren’t around anymore, except in the famous Loch and that island from Jurassic Park. Those guys aren’t know for hanging out at putting courses either. But you know what? I decided I could make it happen. I’m not so old and stiff in the head that I’m ever going to teach my boys to stop dreaming and hoping.

Yesterday, me, Abishai, and Benaiah played golf with dinosaurs and my little boy crossed off an item on his Mondo Beyondo list.

I’m not sure if he knows if the dinos are real or not. They growled and moved around. He played a good game, and we had a blast.

If you have a Bucket List, cross out the title and write down “Mondo Beyondo List”.

Dream a little bigger on your list.

Get a little crazy on your list.

If you want to hang out with dinosaurs, put it on the list.


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