Embarking on a New School MBA

It’s time I make the shift back into educational mode. I’ve been running small businesses most of my life, from mowing lawns and selling baseball cards as a grade schooler to my firm now that consists of several small businesses. So, if I consider the past 23 years of business from 4th grade to now as my official startup mode, then it’s time I get serious with my business education and take things to the next level.

I’ve signed up for several business courses from friends of mine, acquaintances of friends, and recommended places or contacts of the previously mentioned folks. Most of them are free. I’m also reading some very good books on specific subjects that I need help with. I’ll be describing my progress as I go along in my blog category ‘New School MBA’. I’m calling it that because aside from the folks that need the letters ‘MBA’ behind their name or have lots of extra money to spend, very few folks need to go to biz school. Seriously, unless you need the letters or the actual type of education that the coursework teaches, it’s pointless. You don’t need to rack up the debt. You don’t need to waste the time.

It’s time to shed the traditional, institutional ‘old school’ ways and go ‘New School’ with it.

So what’s the other option look like? You need real world experience. You need to go ahead and start your own business. You need to read lots of the right kind of books. You need to interview the right folks. You need to find a mentor who’s already doing what you want to do. In other words, you need to create your own business school curriculum and go for it without going through a school for it.

Tim Ferriss wrote an excellent blog on this very idea. Check it out HERE for yourself.

I hope you’ll join me for the journey, but, most of all, I hope you’ll start your own.


8 thoughts on “Embarking on a New School MBA

  1. Totally dig it David. Someone recently told me that all the classes from Harvard (I think…some big Ivy League school) made all their lectures and curriculum available online. So you could get the entire education…I think for free. Just no official paper. But you could go further and pay a relatively small fee to get your tests graded by the Prof. So…if you passed everything, for all sakes and purposes you passed Harvard. Just no official degree. So who would you hire. The guy who did it for a grand, or the guy who spent…whatever 6-figure number it takes to get the paper?

  2. Exactly! As a business owner I’d much rather hire the guy who could tell me why he went an alternate route and has the skills than the guy who has the same skills but owes more than my house costs.

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! And I’m so glad you liked the wallet. He was so nervous about the first one he sold.

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