Without Coffee, Life Would…Let’s Not Think About That

It’s time again for the weekly coffee-centric update of things you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

In case you ever wondered if Cobra commandos like coffee, let me assure you that they do. Hey, coffee isn’t just for the good guys. The bad guys need a pick-me-up too.

Despite their love of coffee, I did find it very irritating in a later episode of GI Joe Renegades when Cobra attacked the coffeehouse and spilled everyone’s brew.

There’s a really great caught-in-a-firefight coffee scene in the movie War, Inc.. It’s a decent 2008 flick starring John Cusack and quite a few others that hits on the corporate aspects of war. The coffee scene alone is worth watching the movie for.


In a recent Eureka episode on SyFy, someone was sneaking in some brain enhancing chemicals through the sheriff’s coffee. Here’s the Alpha GPC analysis.


Be sure to check out Star Trek Deep Space Nine season 4, episode 1- Way of the Warrior Part One. The entire series is available for instant play on Netflix. This scene involves a changeling named Odo who runs security on the station and a Kardassian. Imagine being able to drink coffee, absorb it, and then excrete it back into the cup. It’s worth watching, even if you don’t like Star Trek.




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