Life Beyond Coffee…Nah, I’ll Pass

Here’s this week’s cup of fresh ground coffee info…

My friends and fellow homeschool parents over at Homeschool Hijinks had their daughter write a blog about the history of coffee in America. See it HERE.

Lately I’ve been watching Rev., a cute Brit show on Hulu. It’s pretty funny. On a recent episode (1:2 Jesus is Awesome) there was a little scene where the question of the spiritual value of serving smoothies in church was brought up. One of the parishioners had this to say, “This is wrong Adam. You know coffee should be served in church, not these little fruits.”


The beautiful author at Le Zoe Musings put out another coffee art collection…


I have no clue what episode of TheFamily Guy it was, but Peter came out of the restroom and said, “Lois, I didn’t flush. I want you to come see it. It looks like the Starbucks mermaid.”

On season 1, episode 20 of Scrubs titled My Way or the Highway, there’s a really great coffee scene. The entire series is available for instant play on Netflix if you’d like to see it.

And last but not least is a personal fave. My mom bought me a Sugar Chocolate Coffee Bean Grinder at Trader Joe’s. My wife lovingly made some homemade red velvet cupcakes to try it out on. Man, it was awesome!




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