Today’s Z-Pack- A Zombie Pack of Infogoodness

Here’s a few cool undead links and infonuggets for all you Walking Dead freaks out there. This includes you too Mom.

The Walking Dead is coming back soon. It’s a thing me and my mom do together. Every Sunday evening I ride my bike to her house to watch it with her and then ride home in the dark, all alone, listening for any weird noises in the woods.

Many of my faithful followers, or at least my family, know that for a couple of years now I’ve been teaching Zombie seminars at my local comic book convention, the XCon World. Now the classes are expanding in size and scope. On September 18th I’ll be teaching a 2 hour class at Coastal Carolina University on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Check out the link HERE to register for it. It should be a lot of fun.

I recently started following a blog called Apocalypse Mama. This young lady is so crazy, but in a really good way. She’s the only other homeschool parent I’ve ever come across that includes zombie apocalypse preparation into the kid’s curriculum. Check her out. She’s so funny and the blogs are both entertaining and informative. She’s up in Canada though, so sometime after the apocalypse, we have a playdate planned for somewhere in the Dakotas, or in Hunger Games geopolitical terms, in District 5 as most fan-maps show that area.

The pic is me and the boys doing some homeschool marksmanship training with a zombie target.

I live in coastal South Carolina and noticed the US Coast Guard heading away from the beach with their boat. There’s a lesson here- if you see these guys heading away from the beach, do a double-check for incoming tsunamis.

I found a really cool old Air Force manual on Emergency Uses of a Parachute. This might come in handy during the hunt for useful items after society breaks down. You can buy a digital copy of it HERE. It’s amazing what you can use a parachute for besides jumping out of fast moving aircraft.

And your last z-hit for the day, I came across this little article on Mae Whitman from the tv show Parenthood. Check at the bottom where she mentions her apocalypse fear. On a side note, she looks super hot with her short hair-do.

Hope you enjoyed the zombie hits. Check back in again or if the end comes sooner than expected, I’ll see you on the streets.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Z-Pack- A Zombie Pack of Infogoodness

  1. Oh, the hours we spend here preparing for the zombie apocalypse! It’s one of our favorite topics of conversation. 🙂 We went to a Max Brooks talk a year or two ago to soak in his sage advice…I’d love to participate in your zombie survival class, but, alas, we have a homeschool field trip scheduled for that day. 😦

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