Rocking the Aerial7 Headphones Drew Brophy Style

I’ve been a follower of Drew Brophy’s work for a long time. He hails from my neck of the woods here in South Carolina but for the past few years makes his home on the west coast. Drew is an artist extraordinaire. I guess you could pin his style down to folk art. If you wanted to specialize it even further you could call it surf art. Although Drew’s bread and butter was at one time surfboards, he now paints everything from flip-flops to restaurants.

Drew’s lovely wife Maria also has a particular passion of her own. She’s what you could call the consummate artist’s business guru. As much artistry and visual skill as you could learn from Drew, you could easily learn that much in regard to marketing artists from Maria. Check out her blog if this is an area where you could use some help.

They make an awesome crew and are very giving in everything they do. That’s why I’m writing this now.

Drew recently talked about the new Aerial7 headphones that he uses all the time. The company recently came out with a Drew-inspired product called the Aerial7 Tank DIY headphones. It’s the standard high tech auditorially awesome gear that Aerial7 creates in their other products, but these are a little more special. These headphones are made to be customized by artists. They come with a clean blank finish that is ready to be attacked with markers, paint pens, or whatever you fancy.

Maria sent me a pair to customize in my own unique way. Now, I’m nowhere near the artist that Drew is, but I sell a good bit of work. I’m what you might call a professional stick figure artist. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but stick people are harder than you think to create scenes with. It’s even harder to make money off of them. That’s where my various passions and skills combine.

Let me say right off the bat that the headphones are amazing, and, from a visual storyteller’s point of view, so is the packaging. In other words, from the first glance, Aerial7 overdelivered on every point. So here’s my project. I call it the Aerial7 Tank DIY “Zombie Apocalypse” edition.

These are only a few of the pics. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for more, including the progress shots. You can also do a Tweet search for #aerial7diy to see what other artist’s have created with theirs. For the actual artwork I used the marker pens that came with the headphones, a couple of permanent markers from my stash, and the paint pens Drew gave me in a class I took from him a while back.

Aside from the obvious aspects of having a really fun art project, these would make a great opportunity for any business-minded artists. Buy a few pair, paint them, and resell them.


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