Minimalism Through Towels

As part of my new minimalist journey that I’m slowly moving into, I went through the house and collected all of our towels, wash cloths, and hand towels. We’d gone way overboard and had way more than we ever needed.

Each bathroom and the kitchen had their own color pattern.

We still had baby towels that we hadn’t used in years because they were at the bottom of the other piles. I’m not sure we ever used them for the baby, as the normal ones worked just fine.

There were torn and ripped towels that never saw the light of day because they hid at the bottom of the piles.

I’ll leave it up to you to determine what you really need to function in your household. We have a household of three boys, me, and my wife. We didn’t need 300 towels. I’m exaggerating, but not by much.

Here’s what I did.

  • I consolidated towels in 2 main spots so they don’t make their own piles everywhere.
  • I donated the extras and torn ones to a construction company for shop rags. Reduce, reuse, right?
  • I eliminated the need to have a set number of specific colored towels for each room. Seriously, is that really necessary for a purely functional item? If you do want it to look pretty, just pick a neutral color that works in all rooms. It reduces the volume and makes putting away clothes easier too.
  • We double-task beach towels. There’s no need to have both bath and beach towels as seperate items. My boys can have their cool Batman towels at the beach and in their bathroom.
  • For those interested in the numbers, I think there are around 10 full size towels, 10 washrags, 10 hand towels, and a few shop rags.

You would not believe how much clutter this reduced in the bathroom closets.

Why do all this you ask? I’m finally realizing that I just don’t need so much stuff to have an awesome life. I’m tired of my stuff defining my existence. Think about it, would you rather grow old with memories of living an awesome life or would you rather tell your grandkids stories about how full your towel closet was back in the old days?

My towel repository is just one way to be a little more with less.


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