Building the Largest Private Comic Book Collection in South Carolina

Building the Largest Private Comic Book Collection in South Carolina. I’m getting ready to fly to Utah to, in the words of Capt Jean Luc Picard, make it so. But more about that later.

I’ve been collecting comic books since I was too young to read them, which makes for over 3 decades of collecting. My first comics were ones that my dad gave me from his original childhood collection. They were mostly westerns and issues of Turok. As a kid I managed to amass a pretty decent collection by buying them up at garage sales and the occassional supermarket. There weren’t any comic book stores in town back then, so I always looked forward to vacation when we would visit a big city and I could drop into a real cool store that sold nothing but comics. This was in the 80’s.

As I got older and had some of my own money through allowance and my first business ventures I bought a steady stream of new comics each week at Haven for Heroes, a store that opened up a few miles from my house. This was in the early 90’s when comics were pretty good. I remember the new X-Men series, McFarlane’s new Spider-Man series, and the original X-Factor. I supplemented quite a bit with older issues I rescued from garage sales and antique stores. That first collection was pretty big and had quite a bit of value to it. Unfortunately, I had to sell it to pay for my undergrad schooling.

I quit collecting for a while, mainly because of a bit of comic book depression from selling a collection I built over a very long period of time.

Then about 5 years ago I started collecting again. My modern collection is pretty small, nothing like my first one, the one I call Powers Collection 1.0. This one I refer to as the 1.1 version. I still pick up comics at garage sales, but mainly collect a few key series’ from the store that I like. I’m addicted to many of the new series’ from the new DC 52 redo, especially the DC ladies line-up.

I’m getting ready to scale my collection big time.

Last week I bought a small collection in upstate SC that I call the Pickens Collection. Mostly 1970’s era stuff.

Wednesday I’ll be flying out to Utah to purchase the Lincoln Collection. It’s a collection of comics from the 1970’s through the 1990’s that numbers 37,000 pieces. Until proven otherwise, I’m assuming that at that point I’ll own the largest non-comic store, private collection in the state of South Carolina. Maybe even the southeast. I’m really looking forward to this. The Lincoln Collection is a large mass of comics that is made up of several private collections and a couple of comic stores that went out of business. I’ll be flying out there, loading them into a moving truck, and then driving home.

I’ll probably end up selling most of them at some point, only keeping a few issues that are relavant to my 1.1 collection. My personal collection isn’t based on value anymore, but reflects my various interests and hobbies. Right now that includes Sherlock Holmes, female superheroes, and anything Thor related. My female superhero collection now includes some key issues that will be included in a museum exhibit soon.

I’ll have the new collection home in a couple of week, ready for a rename as Powers Collection 2.0 and perhaps a new job title of Curator for myself. If anyone is interested in any particular issues or complete runs, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll check the list.

9 thoughts on “Building the Largest Private Comic Book Collection in South Carolina

  1. Okay, I’m getting ready to let my inner nerd shine… First of all, I’m jealous! Second, if you happen upon any Buffy or Love and Rockets, I’d love to know (if you’re not planning to keep them, of course). 😀

    • I’ll let you know about the Buffy and L&R if there are any. Turns out we have even more in common. I’m a huge Buffy junkie.

      • Woohoo for Buffy junkies! 😀 Grace and I just finished watching the entire series (that makes more times than I care to admit for me, but it was her first time watching it all the way through). Now I’ve promised her that I’ll dig out Fray and Season 8 from my comics.

        I’m currently enjoying the Jericho Season 3 comics. Pretty good stuff. 😀

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