Embrace the Disaster or Stay Home and Cry

As I write this I’m both inspired and challenged by my friend Ryan McRae’s lastest blog post. He writes the Geek in Afghanistan blog. That’s right. He’s across the pond right now, sweltering and working hard in triple digit heat. But he’s creating product and tackling the challenges head on despite heat, cramped conditions, and slow Interwebz access…oh yeah, surrounded by terrorists and armed conflict as well.

I’m in Utah right now loading up a huge moving truck with a gazillion comics. It’s really around 37,000 items in over 120 boxes, but when you carry them up a flight of stairs and then up a ramp into the truck, the number easily swells to gazillion. I just bought a monstrous private comic book collection known as the Lincoln Collection. It might actually make me the owner of the largest comic book collection in South Carolina.

I may end up selling most of them. I may keep a bunch of them. I’d love to be able to just sit down in a big warehouse for a few months and read comics fulltime. It’s hard to get paid for that though. It’s a big venture for me. Although I got an awesome deal on the comics, I still paid a big wad of quan for them. There’s a chance it could have been a disastrous choice to make. What if I can’t sell them? What if something happens to them? You know what though? There’s just as much of a chance, nay, a heck of a lot more chance that this is going to be an awesome thing.

That’s the point. I’m taking a chance on it. I’m pulling the trigger. I’m pushing the button. I’m making a call on the red telephone and entering in the missile launch codes.

I flew to Utah, loaded up the comics, and I’m driving all the way home to SC looking for adventure along the way.

Enough about me. I find myself wondering. What choices are you facing? Where do you need to make a decision that could result in either disaster or overwhelming success?

6 thoughts on “Embrace the Disaster or Stay Home and Cry

  1. You are a lunatic. And I love it. Wish I was there to give you the secret loon handshake. This is nuts, and most great stories include something unreasonable.

    What decision am I facing? We have 7 kids, a business in transition and I feel fairly overwhelmed. But amidst that, we feel called to provide a home and our love to a kid(s) that doesn’t have these things. Monday we complete our final piece to be certified for foster care. We’re looking for foster-to-adopt. At face value, it’s ridiculous. But in God’s economy, I think it may be perfectly logical and true.

  2. Well, really, we already made the decision that could lead to disaster or bliss…we’re closing on our first house tomorrow! We’re taking our city selves to a 4-acre swath of happiness in the middle of some corn fields. If nothing else, it’ll be interesting. 😉

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