Conquering the Business World Emperor Style

As many of you know I’m not a big fan of the traditional MBA. I mean, unless you really need it for a corporate job it’s pretty pointless. You can learn the same information through books, lots of experience actually doing the work others are learning about, and by attending a few continuing education classes at your local tech college or at seminars. The bonus is that you can save thousands of dollars by getting a New School MBA, which occurs outside of the traditional college format.

One of the learning experiences I’m taking part in for my New School MBA is by signing up for Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit (EBK). I’ve known Chris for a while by reading voraciously anything he writes and also by becoming an alumnus at his World Domination Summit. I’ve attended both years of the WDS and already bought tickets for the 2013 event.

To quote Chris’ website on the EBK…

“There may be plenty of reasons to delay building an empire, but overwhelm is officially no longer one of them. Neither is not knowing exactly what to do.

Every Empire Building Kit includes the business know-how, real-life case studies, and daily steps designed to help you build your own empire in one year or less.”

Not one to tiptoe through life, I decided to go all the way and buy Chris’ Alexander the Great package. It includes (in Chris’ words)…

  • 15+ PDF Case Studies. These are interviews with other lifestyle entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries. Every interview includes detailed financial information, lessons learned, and actionable tips to help you scale up.
  • 7 video interviews with successful emperors. Informal talks with successful lifestyle entrepreneurs about how they built their business and what they recommend for others with similar goals.
  • The 365-day series of tasks to help you stay on track. You already know the basics, but use just one of these tips to increase your revenue by a few hundred dollars, and your kit pays for itself.
  • The 43-Step Launch Checklist. Creating an event out of your product launch is one of the most successful strategies you can pursue. This checklist will help you plan for an amazing launch.
  • Behind-the-scenes module revealing everything about the  Unconventional Guides business. (Financial information, specific notes on products, everything.)
  • PLUS! Exclusive bonus videos and case studies designed to help you ramp up profits in an existing business, including in-depth explorations of broad topics as well as 1-5 minute talks on specific topics, like how to structure upsells, pricing, and so on.

I’ll keep you updated as I go along through the course. So far, it’s helped me immensely. I’ve learned some new tips and tricks. I’ve revamped some aspects of my business that needed refinement. I dumped a few things as well.

If you’re looking at an inexpensive way to get started now instead of spending twenty-five grand on a school experience, I’d highly recommend his course. If the Alexander package scares you, there are other Emperor options as well.

If you join in, let me know how you do. Happy hunting!


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