Why Do I Need 40 Pairs of Socks for 2 Feet?

Still working on my minimalist run through the house. Thought I’d tackle the sock drawer while I was unpacking from my wild west trip. My littlest viking enjoyed the process too because he could reach things and throw them around.

I’m a bit of a sock junkie. I enjoy wearing quirky socks with my jeans. Sometimes it’s to get noticed. Other times it’s to see just how much people pay attention to the odd thing in the room. Recently I did a one hour interview program for a local television show and I wore my bright pink socks with squirrels on them to see if anyone watching noticed. Over the years I’d pick up neat socks anywhere I saw them, and here I am with way more socks than I’ll ever wear.

I also have a lot of athletic socks because I’m a pretty active guy who gets into pretty much everything from plain old vanilla jogging around the neighborhood to extreme mountaineering. I have a few pairs of specialized socks for various activities, but I don’t really count those. I also have a lot of black cotton socks that I bought for working out and biking, but I hate them. They stink. They’re hot. They’re taking up room in my drawer.

By the time me and Eleazar were done playing with the socks, I’d gotten rid of about 10 pair. Didn’t need them. Why keep them?

Those were just socks, but it’s a step toward living a life with less stuff to encumber me. Too much stuff keeps me from realizing the life I want, a life spent doing instead of just having, a life spent as a producer instead of living as a consumer.

What small steps do you need to make to create a simpler life?


2 thoughts on “Why Do I Need 40 Pairs of Socks for 2 Feet?

  1. I’m kind of an “extreme” minimalist when it comes to wardrobe. All of my clothes are black, white, or grey (except jeans), so everything matches, and I don’t need to have as many things. One purse, minimal shoes, etc. I’m super-excited that I’ve cut my wardrobe back to the point that I don’t even need dresser drawers anymore…just half a closet. It’s amazing how much simpler life is when “What am I going to wear?” is no longer a factor. 🙂 Good luck with your minimalist pursuits!

  2. I love that. I’m looking forward to the point where I can start getting rid of shelves and drawers because all the stuff is gone.

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