You vs. The Predator

I came across a bunch of “Predator vs.” comic books in my new collection. Predator vs. Superman. Predator vs. Magnus Robot Fighter. Even Predator vs. Batman. It got me to thinking that fighting the Predators is a good way to gauge your chances of success in a zombie apocalypse. Since we don’t know what form the zombies will take  from the superscary runners and jumpers to the average slow undead, the Predators give us a good indicator to examine. They’re fast, ruthless, and technologically equipped. Stealing a parlance from the movie Dodgeball, if you can beat a Predator you can beat a zombie.

But to really have a good idea of your chances, you need some type of a ruler to go by. Here’s what I came up with, but I’m open to suggestions.

1- Lay down and die.

2- Run away with no plan.

3- Fight back hopelessly so others can escape and you die.

4- Fight back with all you’ve got.

5- Fight back so hard that you earn the respect of the Predators.

Where are you on the hierarchy of survival?

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