Coffee Drinkers Will Rule the World

I’m not really sure about the title, but it would be cool. I mean, I’m a coffee drinker. I could enjoy ruling the world. For now though, here’s your fresh brewed coffee update for this week.

I spent a week in upstate South Carolina recently. While hitting the antique stores in Easley SC I had to stop in at the Coffee Corner. It’s the only coffee shop I know that’s located at a funeral home. Weird, right? Nah, just extremely cool. Even though it’s located at the funeral home, it’s completely open to the public. Be sure to check it out if you go through Easley for any reason. Of course, the coffee is great, but the staff is even better. They’re super nice and they don’t have that waxy creepy feel that the morticians next door have.

For your coffee pop culture piece this week, I’d like to reference a series of books I just read. It’s one that I’m sure many of you have also read (even if you won’t admit it). That’s right, it’s the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Can you believe that Christian and Ana went to a Portand coffeeshop for their first date? I’m a little peeved with Ana though. She’s one of those irritable tea drinkers.

And for your little bit ‘o coffee knowledge this week, I’d like to introduce you to a little friend I call the Chemex. Check out the Wikipedia entry or the official Chemex website for even more info. I wanted to introduce it to you as perhaps the sexiest way to make coffee at home. You’ll find very few Chemex use in the coffeeshops, but when you do, it’s a must have for the brew method.


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