Have You Set Your Plans for 2013 Yet?

I learned a trick from my friend and business guru Dan Miller. He sits and plans out the coming year each November. He analyzes everything. He sets schedules. He makes calendars. He decides what he’s going to keep doing next year. What he’s going to stop doing next year. He decides what needs changing. He takes into account not only his professional life, but his personal one as well. I’ve heard him talk about this several times. If you look at his life both personally and professionally you can see that it works.

I do the same thing, but I haven’t been doing it long. I can look at the previous years when I did not plan and compare them to more recent ones. Big difference.

I’d like to help you do the same thing.

Part of the job I do as a Cultural Architect is helping folks plot and plan their lives so that things work better. In other words, they create lives in which they dictate more of what happens instead of life attacking them and grabbing them by the collar and tossing them around. When life does that…poof! Another year gone.

It’s mid-November, which means that you have a month and a half to get ready. Around 45 days to discover what 2013 holds for you.

That’s why I’m taking on 10 more clients in November and December for Annual Planning Sessions. My conference and training calendar slows down these two months and I have a little more time available for meetings. I’d like to take that time to help you.

Here’s what we do…

  1. Analyze your current path and how it fits your goals
  2. Look intently at your goals and see what’s standing in your way
  3. Check out what you need to eliminate from your life to make room for the magnificent
  4. Make definite plans for the coming year that will impact your life for the better

At that point, all you have to do on January 1 is forget the resolutions and proclamations and just work the plan.

If this is something that might work for you, drop me a line. You can find me here, on Facebook as “DrDavid Powers”, on Twitter as @drdavidpowers, or at my e-mail address of Docbeaker@aol.com.


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