Turkey Flavored Coffee or Coffee Flavored Turkey?

I thought I’d give you a little pre- Thanksgiving Day post to whet your appetite for including the magic brown brew in your holiday planning.

I visited the Bean There Cafe in Norfolk VA while I was speaking at the Virginia Emergency Medical Services Symposium. It’s right beside the MacArthur Mall near the waterfront. Great spot to check out while you’re visiting the Gen. MacArthur Memorial Museum.

Love watching the last season of Fringe. It makes me kind of sad that it’s ending. What makes me even more sad is the sorry state of coffee after the Observers take over.

Hill Bros sent me a sample of their new cappuccino. It’s ok for pre-mixed stuff, but I’m not a big fan of the pre-mixed stuff.

Who’s been eating the creamer stuff on 10 Items or Less? There’s some great coffee moments on that show. The whole series is available as Instant Play on Netflix.

This last pic came from the short-lived television show Chase about the US Marshals. Did they have to blow up a coffee shop?


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